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How Does Our Shop Work

Its Super Simple!
Bring Your Container
Weigh It!
Fill it!

Visit us to enjoy tasty treats & even stuff for your feet!

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Tony's Chocolonely

Arguably the tastiest and most ethical chocolate on the planet! 100% slave free, traceable beans and committed to higher prices for farmers. Genuinely the best chocolate this side of the galaxy!

Doris & Dude Socks

Bamboo fabric socks fuse bright colours and funky designs with complete comfort. Trendy toes will stay snuggly, warm and hygienic with the protection of bamboos natural wicking properties.

We are open!

Come visit us at 14 Reading Rd S, Fleet GU52 7QL

A few words about us

Scoop is a community spirited 'Zero Waste' shop. We are trying to bring the most environmentally friendly products to Fleet which remove the need for plastic packaging, support a greener lifestyle.

It's been a journey of epic proportions!

In July 2018, a few folk on Keep Fleet Clean (a facebook page that I ran to share plastic free living ideas) were lamenting about how great it would be to have a ‘zero waste’ shop in our neighbourhood. When I tentatively said I’d look into it, I didnt realise that 6 months laster I would be running one myself!
Having been a primary school teacher for 11 years and never seriously thinking I would do anything else, this is a whole new kettle of fish! I have learnt a huge amount and I have been on a learning curve the size of a helter skelter. Yet, I have genuinely enjoyed it.

The best thing about this whole venture - alongside being able to help others to engage in a zero waste life and make changes - however small - has been the amazing response from our community. So much support, encouragement and help from people all over and from all walks of life.

It is with pride that we hold a 5* hygiene rating. 

Thank you to everyone.


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